What makes Sweetango the best sugar substitute in Israel?

You won’t believe
it’s not sugar

Sweetango looks, tastes and is used just like sugar. let’s see you tell the difference


With Sweetango you can enjoy the sweet things in life with 0 calories and 0 guilt


Sweetango is approved by the Israel Diabetes Association and holds a Glycemic Index value of 0.

No aftertaste

Due to a perfect balance of ingredients, Sweetango provides great tasting sweetness with none of the bitter aftertaste that defines other sugar substitutes.

All-natural ingredients

The sweetness of Sweetango comes from Erythritol and the Stevia plant, both are natural, to insure healthy and natural sweetening effect.

Great for any purpose

Sweetango can be used for cooking, baking, or even just to sweeten your coffee.

The Classic

We created Sweetango in order to substitute white and brown sugar perfectly.
It has the same flavor, look and texture and can be substituted in a ratio of 1:1
That way you can use Sweetango without having to make any complicated calculations.Have we mentioned yet that it’s calorie free? 😜


The Powder

Powdered sugar is so 2019. 
Meet our version that is so good you won’t be able to tell the difference.
Out powder is made out of 100% natural ingredients and will be a great addition to any dessert  😍

The Bag

My oh my…
You’re going to be talking about this one for a while 😅 During the morning coffee at home or in the office. Maybe during the midday espresso (‘Cus you need to wake up a little) and during the evening tea for sure – this one’s a talking point. Did we mention no aftertaste?

the Instant Pudding

At Sweetango we strive to create new and exciting products for you to use and enjoy! 🤓
For starters we would like to present one of our star products- our series of instant pudding.
They come in three different flavors- vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

made with sweetango
made with sweetango

Coco powder

When was the last time you allowed yourself to have a cup of chocolate milk? 👶
Well get ready to go down memory lane with a steaming mug of hot coco or a cool  glace of chocolate milk. Any way you chose to drink it, you can sit back and sip your drink guilt free with 0 sugar and only 8 calories a glass.

chocolate spread

We’ve been dreaming of this spread for a long time and honestly, its flavor is dreamy 🤩
We substituted the sugar with Sweetango, the palm oil with coco butter and used the best hazel nuts we could find.
Pinch yourself to see this isn’t a dream! Our chocolate spread contains 92% less sugar and 35% less calories.
Sometimes dreams do come true….

made with sweetango
made with sweetango

Halva spread and pistachio pieces

We are proud to present our galactic halva and pistachio spread! 👽
What makes it galactic? Well, we did what we do best and took the flavors we all know and love and made a spread that is OUT OF THIS WORLD 🚀 
It contains high quality tahina, a dash of fresh cinnamon and delicious pistachio bits.
Of course, it’s 100% vegan, low in carbs and has 97% less sugar and 33% less calories on average. So, are you ready to blast off? We’re waiting for you there! 👩‍🚀

Chocolate chips

Have you ever tasted chocolate chips that don’t contain any sugar? 🤤
Thanks to our special formula, this outstanding product with its rich flavor and high quality coco butter will upgrade all of your cakes, cookies and pastries, with 0 sugar!
Caution- this product is highly addicting ⚠️

made with sweetango
made with sweetango

Strawberry jelly

We took the most nostalgic dessert, gave it our own twist and made it even better. 😉
0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 fat. we promise you won’t feel the difference.
Our jello is made of the finest ingredients on the market and is the best you will ever taste 🍓

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Points of Sale


Find standalone Sweetango jars in leading supermarkets and natural stores, as well as in a variety sales points across the country – For points of sale click here.
You may also purchase value packs of our products from our site at retail price and with door to door delivery – for details click here.

Ordering online allows you to get the product you want at list price with fast delivery to your door – to purchase click here.

Everyone! Adults and children alike. After all, today sugar can be found in almost every food we consume. With Sweetango you can enjoy a sweet and wonderful taste without fear of the health and caloric damage involved in consuming sugar. Therefore, Sweetango is suitable for calorie watchers, diabetics and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Sweetango holds a Glycemic Index value of 0, so using it does not cause an increase in blood sugar. In addition, Sweetango is approved for use by the Israel Diabetes Association and its components are approved for use as a sweetener by the Ministry of Health in Israel and health authorities in Europe and the United States.
Studies show that the average person consumes about 400 calories a day as a result of using sugar in its various forms. With Sweetango you can consume and prepare the food you love with a sweet and delicious taste, minus the guilt, calories and accompanying risks of white sugar.
We recommended a conversion ratio in all applications of 1:1 – for every 100 grams of sugar you can use 100 grams of Sweetango.
Sweetango is approved by the Orthodox Council of Jerusalem.
The carbohydrates in Sweetango are polyhydric carbohydrates that are derived from erythritol only. Polyhydric carbohydrates have a unique structure which does not break down in the body. As a result, Sweetango does not affect the level of sugar and insulin in the blood and is considered completely safe for diabetics.

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